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E. Issue 5

Editorial: Schizophrenia – A timeline” by Dr. Gopal Das. C. M

Down the memory lane: “Menders of the Mind” By Dr. Kasthuri. P, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Bangalore Medical College Medical College and Research Institute, Bengaluru

Invited article:  “Electro- convulsive Therapy in treatment Resistant Schizophrenia by Dr. Rohit Garg, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Govt. Medical College and Rajindra Hospital, Patiala, Punjab

Consultation liaison Psychiatry: Focus – Microbiology: “Gut Microbiome and Mental Health” by Dr. Sumatha. A, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology, Basaveshwara Medical College & Research Center, Chitrdurga

Reframe: Myths and Facts about “Schizophrenia”

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Jun 4, 2017, 1:09 PM