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Glimpses of Psychiatry e-book

Dear Sir / Madam / Friends,


It is with your support and encouragement that we are happy to release revised edition, the e-version of the book “Glimpses of Psychiatry for Doctors & Medical Students”. In keeping with our motto that promotion of health and well being is possible by sharing of knowledge, and especially so with psychiatry there is more need. Hence this   e-book will be for FREE. Anybody anywhere can use it and share it without restriction.

The hard copy of this book has already been sent as FREE COMPLIMENT to every medical college library in India and to some centers, in Sri Lanka, Nepal & Malaysia. We were also happy to get feedback from enthusiastic readers who bought the limited 1st edition hardcopy of this book & complimented on our efforts to present psychiatry in diverse ways such as articles, crosswords & narratives etc.

As many know this book has > 370 pages with contribution from over 50 consultant across 24 speciality. There are 18 chapters and 24 Concise articles covering interface of psychiatry with almost every speciality (Anatomy to Cardiology) written by consultants from those speciality. It also contains >100 MCQs, Crosswords, Myths & Facts, Narratives from senior psychiatrists.

It is your valuable suggestion and criticism on the content that will keep our editorial team & authors humble and help us to strive for better version subsequently. You can also email the authors directly on their respective chapters as we have displayed their email ID in each chapter.

We are thankful to all authors for their contribution, we are in debt to “Minds United for Health Sciences & Humanity" which had the copyright of the book, & agreed to release it for free.


Thanking One & All,                                            


Dr Kishor M

Dr Vinay HR

Dr Kiran Kumar K

Dr Lakshmi V Pandit

Dr Naresh Nebhinani                   

Minds Newsletter,
Sep 9, 2014, 9:48 PM